Greetings, I am a school-based speech-language pathologist working with children aged 3 – 21. I also am an app author, app consultant, and parent (not necessarily in that order). I live in the rural midwest (United States).

Here, I will be discussing various speech-language therapy ideas and techniques. I’m looking forward to talking about the apps that I’ve developed and reviewing other apps as well. There will be a lots of humor, sharing, and learning.

As with many things, blogs seem to take a life of their own. As I become more involved with social media and my profession, I hear about problems that are so wide spread and pervasive that no one seems to know what to do about them. I tend to rant err…discuss them here. Sometimes we have to spread the light of day on all the corners of the room to find the cobwebs (and spiders)…and be able to clean thoroughly (can you tell it’s spring?). My blog is often a way for me to do just that…to bring the cobwebs and dust bunnies to light so that we all, collectively, can make things better. After all, if we won’t do something, nothing will ever improve.

The views I post here are my own, and in no way reflect the ideals of my employer. I readily acknowledge I do not know everything and, occasionally, I may even have my facts slightly skewed. I will always do my best to correct any errors I do make, so please be forgiving.

While I love my chosen career, in no way am I qualified, or ethically able, to provide diagnostic, treatment, or counseling information for specific people over the internet. If you have a general question, I will answer if I can…if you have a loved one in need of services I will help direct you to an area where you may be able to find an SLP in person to assist you.