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Language Adventures is a multiplayer, multilevel game from Image

I use this for students in grades 1 – 6. There are three levels (with different themes and game boards) and you can have up to four students play. The app is designed to look like a game board, complete with rolling dice and pieces to move. The kids really enjoy it.

The app targets language skills for Synonyms, Antonyms, and Multiple Meaning words. Each level increases in difficulty. The SLP can choose between Expressive, Receptive, or Expressive and Receptive skills. There are enough questions asked that I’ve yet to have a student receive the same question twice in the same session. In fact, I haven’t had them repeated for at least two sessions (that I remember).

The price of the app is $19.99 and well worth the price (in my not so humble opinion). There are very few quality apps targeting these higher language skills. To have them targeted in such a fun way is a great bonus. In addition, the app keeps data that is easily retrieved.

This app will definitely help me target those common core standards! More information can be found here…

Adventure on!

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  1. How appropriate that “Language Adventures” is the first review. 🙂 I don’t have this app–I will definitely be checking it out now! Also, I added you to my blogroll. Super excited to read more!
    Aubrey Taylor Klingensmith

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