App Adventures

Have you ever thought about how apps for the iPad are made? Why they are made?

I didn’t have a clue how they’re made until I helped create one (SLP Goalbank)…and then my knowledge was very VERY limited. I helped create an excel file with content, sent it to the developer (smarty-ears) and magic happened. Almost before we knew it, the app was done, accepted by iTunes, and people were buying it. Even more importantly, I was able to use it for my own therapy purposes. I was excited and felt like a success!

The second app (Categories Learning Center) took a lot more time and thought. I had a rough idea of a concept and Barbara Fernandes (Smarty-Ears) helped me bring that idea to reality. It took a bit longer (okay, a LOT longer) and a bit more thought (WAY more thought)…but I think the overall project is pretty good. There’s a few things that if I’d known the process better, I could have improved on – but overall, it’s something to be proud of. I learned a few new things – like how to split audio files, how important capitalization (or lack thereof) is, and how sometimes you can’t always have the changes you want. The app was published in late February and I’ve been very pleased. Again, Categories Learning Center is an app I use a LOT in my therapy.

This next app (and no I’m not going to tell you what it’s about – but those of you who know me from twitter should be able to guess) …is a bit more labor intensive. I am using smarty-symbols (available from smarty-ears) as the pictures, my daughter is the voice (as she was in Categories Learning Center), and the app is … coming. I had hoped, really hoped to have it completed and released by the end of school… (well before that really). Unfortunately lots of testing, meetings, reports, and life interfered. I do have the audio recorded which is great. The pictures are chosen. I’m in the process of splitting the audio. Once that’s done, I will need to create the mock-up and send it over to smarty-ears. Hopefully they will like it (LOVE IT!) enough to develop it and publish it. This app, I KNOW will fit a need I have in my therapy. Hopefully, it will fit the need for others too.

Now, I’d best get back to work…audio files are waiting for me and unfortunately, they won’t split themselves.

Adventure on!


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