Adjective Remix Winners!!

Happy Independence Day (for those of you here in the states!)

I’m happy to report we had more participants in this contest, apparently the news about the blog is getting out which makes me very happy. I love seeing how people from all over the world are looking at the blog. Hopefully the readers find the content worthwhile enough to refer it to friends.

I loved reading the comments here about the different smarty-ears apps that the readers (you) have or would like to have (and I’m glad to see not all of them were my apps – although a couple were which made me happy!). The response here was great. Maybe we’ll be able to get a few more codes from smarty-ears in the future too!

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Once again, I used a random number generator (I really may have to check out rafflecopter next time) to select the winners. I then went down the list of comments and counted the true comments (not my replies). The numbers generated were: 20, 3, and 34.

The winners were Meryl, Carrie Walls, and Kathleen Bressendorff. Congratulations to the winners. Unfortunately with the unscreened comments I don’t have emails… I will screen comments again here. If you won, please leave me a message here with your email (no one else will see your email). I will then send you the code for you to redeem. Remember they must be redeemed by 7/25/2012 or they will expire!

Congratulations to the winner. Hopefully we will have another contest very soon!

Adventure on!


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