Adventures with SIGs

I have been a member of ASHAs Special Interest Groups (SIGs) since I was in school and in NSSLHA. I’ve recently had several people ask me to justify belonging to any special interest group (it’s not cheap!). So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about it here.

Membership with a SIG allows you access to their 1) perspectives, 2) members only online community (which for the one I belong to – has been a Godsend!), and 3) 50% discount on short-courses offered by the SIG at ASHA.

Also, a couple of years ago (not sure of the exact year) ASHA made it so that belonging to one ASHA SIG allowed a member access to ALL SIGs publications.

Yes, you read that correctly. Paying for one SIG ($35) gives you access to ALL SIGs publications and CEUs for that SIG and the publications for all the other SIGs as well. If you are a student and belong to NSSLHA – the SIG fees are only $10!

Interested in AAC but not a member of the SIG? That’s okay you can still read the perspectives on it. Unfortunately, you don’t get access to the CEU’s. However you are able to access the CEUs for the interest group that you belong to for five dollars per CEU. Really it is a great deal. For $35 you have access to 18 (18!) special interest groups perspectives.

So, what special-interest groups do you belong to? I’d love to know. Don’t belong to one yet? Tell me what you’re waiting for.

Until then… Adventure on!


3 thoughts on “Adventures with SIGs

  1. Wow Mary I’ve been a member of 2 SIGS forever, but I had no clue I had access to all the SIG’s perspectives ! That’s really great to know, and now I want to go check out some of my other interest areas. Thanks for letting me know this ! Kristen

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