Adventures with fitness

If anyone who actually knows me reads this article, they are going to laugh. A more accurate name might be Adventures in Unfitness. However, through social media, all things must change.

Even me…and I am proud to announce…

A new fitness challenge for #ASHAFit13


Now, if you remember, ASHAFit13 was created by in late December with a January 1 start date. Basically, a bunch of SLPs and Auds started working together to get healthier. Many of us started an account with My Fitness Pal and really started to work together for a healthier us. Which was fabulous.

Then summer came…with vacation, holidays, moves, new jobs, pies…and before you know it, many of us forgot to track what we were doing and forgot to motivate each other.

So…Tanya came up with a new challenge…or a continued challenge. The ASHAFIt Biggest Loser. You can read the details here.

Essentially, it’s send Tanya a picture of a scale with a date (any date today or later will work since the contest actually started on Monday)…and a follow-up picture on 11-11-13. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss wins the cash prize. Tanya and I are both donating $25 to the cause – so the prize is $50 cash. Who couldn’t do with $50 cash right before ASHA? Right?

It’s okay to play even if you don’t want to win the cash and just want to get a bit healthier.

So..what are you waiting for? Interested in playing along?

Later this week, I will be posting the 3rd Blogging about Research post. I’m really looking forward to it!

Until then…Adventure On!


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