Adventures with … delay?

Don’t worry…it’s temporary.

This last month has been pretty busy and the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on doing my  1) job – lots of testing and paperwork/meetings this month, 2) preparing my presentation to the Oklahoma Speech Hearing Association’s annual conference, and 3) some local presentation/teaching opportunities.

As a result, the blog has had a bit of a hiatus and I was not able to partake in the monthly Blogging about Research coordinated by the fabulous Rachel Wynn at Gray Matter Therapy. I just couldn’t make it all come together despite my best intentions. But, never fear it will be back soon…Next month in fact!

In the meantime, my plan is to do a couple of app reviews and I have a couple of thoughts that are itching to be discussed…so stay tuned. The first post will happen in a few days!

Until then….Adventure on!