Adventures with Guest Blogging?

The other day I was ranting…err…expounding…uhm… talking about Continuing Ed credits. (Some of you may not realize this, but I recently challenged myself to get at least 1 CEU a week throughout the year – so that by the end of the year I’ll have 52 CEUs as a minimum.) Sounds like a lofty goal doesn’t it? In reality, it’s because I want the cheaper liability insurance that comes with being an ACE recipient (and I want to be able to brag about it…there I said it. Don’t judge.) CEUs

Part of what was SO annoying about last year was that I tried and succeeded in getting my more than 70 CEUs needed for the ACE Award…However, ASHA didn’t recognize it because even though the presenters were important SLPs (you know…Barbara Hodson, Laura Justice for a couple) my state organizations hadn’t gone through the steps needed to have the conferences offered as ASHA CEUs. The ACE Award has to be ASHA CEUs.

So…I had some great classes, learned a lot, accumulated over 80 hours in 3 years (when all I needed was 30) and got absolutely diddly squat for it. But I’m not bitter…I decided this year, I’d be proactive. Now I know. I’ve reached out to my state association and they are unwilling to change their stance on it (in all fairness because of cost and lack of need). So,  I decided that I’ll still go to those conferences, but I’ll challenge myself too. Hence the 52 ASHA CEUs in a year challenge.

Anyway…to make a short story long. While I was ranting…discussing some of this, I was approached by Plural Publishing to write a guest blog. (See? All I needed to do was say “Hey I wrote a guest blog at Plural Publishing – go read it”…but I can I do that? NOooo!)  It went live today and discusses very briefly on CEUs. Go check it out. 🙂

And…then come back here and tell me if you want to join my challenge. It’s easy to do if you do it online…and only one hour a week. You can do it!

Until then…Adventure on!


2 thoughts on “Adventures with Guest Blogging?

  1. Mary, Don’t get me started! I’ve found the Lindamood-Bell seminars very helpful to my practice so I’ve continued with the training despite it not being an “official” ASHA ceu provider. While this wouldn’t be an issue with certification maintenance, it is an issue if you are hoping to secure/maintain an ACE award. Given that it’s an SLP based program (and that I’m several hundred dollars in), you’d think it would count. I’ve (mostly) made peace with it. Good luck with your quest! Kim

    • I totally understand Kim. I was stunned when I found out that my conferences with Laura Justice and Barbara Hodson wouldn’t count…but an hour seminar from Advance on time management would. Not that time management isn’t important. It’s crazy. I’m very glad that I went to those workshops – and the CEUs work for certificate maintenance and licensure…but it’s a big hunk out of what I thought was going toward ACE.

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