Vowel Viz Announcement!

****UPDATE**** I was just contacted by Vowel-Viz. They are running a promo (find it here) where if you buy a copy of their vowel-viz SCHOOLS you can receive a tongue placement poster for free…BUT the purchase must be done before 4/30/14. (IN NO WAY am I responsible for the accuracy or quality of the poster or the promotion…I am solely passing along the information).  It looks like a great poster – if you get it let me know how it is! ****END UPDATE****


It’s Saturday the 22nd…that means it’s time to figure out which two people won the Vowel Viz codes! vocalic r

Before that though, I have to say I really wish I had the power to put my thoughts into words and have everyone read them the way I intend them…not necessarily the way I wrote them.

It came  to my attention this morning (well…a few days ago too) that perhaps I wasn’t entirely clear in what I wanted for this contest. Ultimately, I wanted to have the original post shared amongst the masses – via twitter and facebook. Some of you were awesome for that (thank you very much!!!!). Secondly, I was hoping for a long list of  links to app reviews that I could go read to see if there were apps out there that I wanted for therapy. Apparently, the second part of my contest wasn’t clear as I had lots of comments that indicated they wanted to win – but no links. Out of those who did comment, only three people added links to app reviews (And thank you very much for those!!!).

I had an outside party (who hadn’t entered the contest – although I’m not entirely sure why) look at my post…and when she was confused as well… needless to say, I was less than pleased. So, I had to make some decisions.

I decided that everyone who entered a comment on the blog entry would have an entry in the contest for a drawing… BUT those three of you who were able to read my mind so well, I’m putting in 3 entries each. It’s only fair that those who actually followed the contest rules get extra entries, but I don’t want to penalize anyone because I wasn’t clear. Next time I will do my level best to make it extremely clear that simply commenting wasn’t enough.

The contest was two parts and I said “One winner will be from those that shared/posted on twitter and facebook and one winner from those that shared a link to an app review.” Therefore, I have separated the entries into those from Twitter and FB; and those from blog comments.

So…without further wait…

This is the roster from the twitter/facebook entries. You can see, I added a second entry for those of you who did both twitter and facebook.  I sincerely hope I did not miss anyone (but to be fair, I did ask you to post them on the blog too so I knew I had everyone!)…

photo 1

        and the winner is: photo 2





This is the roster for the Blog Entries. You can see for those of you put the links in the blog comment, you have 3 entries.

photo 3

and the winner is: photo 4





Congratulations Nikki and Helen! I hope you enjoy the app. The codes will be sent via email. Please let me know how you like it…and as always, it’s great if you drop by the author/developers at Complete Speech and tell them thanks (and watch the video demonstrations – they are really helpful).

Until then…Adventure on!