Adventures with Legalities

With school just around the corner for some of us, I find myself thinking about this subject a lot. We seem to always cycle back to litigious parents or capitulating administration or a combination of both.

When this happens, I find myself wondering…will I ever know everything? I was recently going through my archive of posts and this one really resonated…again. I think it’s timely.

Have you ever considered legalities of your profession? If you haven’t responded before, I’d love to hear your thoughts now.

Until then…Adventure on!


Speech Adventures

Also known as I’m supposed to do WHAT now?

It has come to my attention that the more I know – the more I need to know. While that may sound trite to many, it’s absolutely true. I find myself wishing there was a class (or three) that I could take to learn more about Special Education law and Education law in general. I mean, seriously, have you ever wondered whether the information you’re working from is correct? It seems to come up a lot for me. For instance, I recently learned 

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