New adventures with Theme BoxEd

Periodically there comes a really great idea that needs some backing. New ventures, new ideas, and new materials are exciting to see and be a part of. While I am not personally vested, I’m not a partner, I’m not making money…I still feel this is a great endeavor. It’s one that I really wish I’d had around when my daughter was little…and it’s one that I’m going to take advantage of for my therapy/clinic.boxed

Theme BoxEd is designed to send out monthly boxes filled with learning opportunities for your child. They are grouped by age, so you can be certain the materials are age appropriate, and they include ideas and suggestions to make sure the activities are filled with learning, fun, and lots of language and literacy. (How can I NOT love that!)

Go check it out.  (and don’t worry…I promise I won’t make a habit of soliciting)

What I really love is the boxes are designed by themes…the creators are planning to have activities books, books to read, manipulatives to play with, and more…Things that will benefit the child by keeping their curiosity engaged and be something other than the latest war toy or fashion model toy. I’m very excited to see what happens with the fund-raising and looking forward to getting my first box.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, the way it works is the donor (you) clicks on the “pledge” link. You agree to allow Amazon to charge your account the donated amount IF and ONLY if the campaign reaches its goal. So, for instance, Theme BoxEd’s goal is $16,950. IF they receive enough pledges to reach that goal, everyone who donated will be charged. If they don’t receive enough to meet the goal (by even $1), then NO ONE will be charged. It’s very much an all or nothing situation.

I’m not asking you to donate (although that would be fabulous!)…but I’d love it if you’d check out the link, watch the video, and if you happen to know someone who might love these activities share the post/video with them…(or better yet, buy them a gift subscription – the products will be out about holiday time!).

I look forward to seeing this exciting new venture funded. No amount is too small to help…remember, it’s at no risk. If it doesn’t get funded, it doesn’t get charged to you. Enjoy the video!

Until then…Adventure on!


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