Yapp Guru Adventures!

If you haven’t discovered Yapp Guru yet, prepare for an “adventure.” This fairly new site is going to be one of your favorite places to go for all things SLP app related. One of the absolute most cool things about it, is it is owned and run by SLPs who are in the field and on the front lines, just like you and me. This is a fantastic site! Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

Yapp Guru Expert Reviewer

First, a bit of a disclaimer, if you have looked on the blog page lately, you will see an image for Yapp Guru on my sidebar. I am an app reviewer on the site. Basically, what that means is that I can go in and review various apps and, sometimes, link the reviews to my reviews here as well. For instance, if you click here, you will my review of Smarty Ears’ Articulate it! app. There’s a link back to the review of the same app here on the blog. All of the reviews are non-biased – meaning, no one who is involved in creating the app can write a review (so I don’t review about my own apps). You, as the user of App Guru, can be assured that the reviews are honest and “real” as opposed to those bogus reviews often found in other sites (*kof kof* iTunes). The real bonus is the reviews are written by SLPs so you get a great snapshot of how well the app will work in therapy and WHY. 

Periodically, Yapp Guru has a “Developer of the Week” and highlights many of the apps that are created by that developer. Just a few days ago, they celebrated Tactus Therapy Solutions apps.

This coming week, they are celebrating Smarty Ears Apps.  10477417_10204819310911269_1573443967062701145_n

Go check it out…and the very cool thing is you can VOTE for your favorite apps.  See, if you look here you will see the votes for my Basic Concepts Skills Screener.

Now, in order to vote, you do have to register…but registration is FREE…and they don’t spam  your email with a ton of nonsense. You WILL want to be registered (so you can vote, obviously), but also for some nice perks members only will get as the website develops (remember, it’s brand new so this is the perfect opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking venture!).

Time for a bit of background…

I confess, I’ve known about Yapp Guru for three years now. I first met the “original” Yapp Guru in Atlanta at the ASHA Conference. I was lucky enough to sit down with her and a friend and discuss this inspirational idea she had (thank goodness for Starbucks at the convention center!). Truly it was eye-opening to witness her passion and drive for the field. As the years have progressed, I’ve seen the idea morph a tiny bit, the concept blossom, and the website change astronomically and become this amazing adventure.

Now, Yapp Guru is well and truly underway. The idea of us celebrating the app developers and app authors is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what happens.


Please, take a few minutes…Go register (it’s FREE), and VOTE for your favorite apps. I’d LOVE to see Smarty Ears apps ratings go sky high…and honestly, I’d love if MY apps were voted up (but only if you really really like them!). In all honesty, I love when I hear positive things about my apps (and truly I love constructive criticism on things that could be better…and I’m planning on updating them soon…so… you have the option of being heard!!).

What are you still doing here?

Go check out YappGuru.com, REGISTER, and VOTE!

Then come back here and tell me what you think of the site. I’m excited to read about why you WILL or WON’T use the Yapp Guru site.

Until then…Adventure on!


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