SLPChat is Back!!

I LOVE seeing that the #SLPChats are starting up again! I sincerely hope all of you are able to participate in some way. For those that don’t know, an #SLPChat is a twitter discussion where participants can talk about relevant SLP topics freely. There is some guided discussion, and it’s always a good source of information and thought provoking discussions. In the past, we have discussed Cycles, NSOME, AAC…many different topics.
I hope I see you there! Drop me a note here if you plan to participate! Until then…Adventure on!


Would you believe it if we told you that it has been over 5 years that SLPs from different corners of the globe have been using Twitter to network and share their expertise? Furthermore would you believe that the steady daily buzz of thousands of #slpeeps sharing, questioning, interacting, researching on Twitter was at that time a slow trickle, from a handful (literally) of peeps (The term #slpeeps wasn’t coined until later in 2010) searching for ideas, and more importantly similar persons within the field. It must be hard to imagine with the current #slpeeps presence on Twitter, but it truly highlights how far we have come as we continue to make our mark on social media, and on the world.

Another familiar hashtag is about to turn 5 this year as well… guessed it #slpchat!! Although we have been dormant for a while (due to work and life…

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