Adventures in Assessment

Almost everyone is familiar with the need to assessment for eligibility for special education. Some areas require 1.5 or 2 standard deviations below the norm. Some areas require as little as a discrepancy between scores and the SLP’s recommendation. Assessments can take as little as a half-hour to as long as 10 hours and are completely dependent on the student and the assessments required. For instance, in my school, a student who is being considered for a learning disorder would most likely under go an ability test (1-2 hours), an achievement test (1-3 hours), and language testing (2-4 hours). Of course, it would be broken up over several days, but it is still a significant number of hours missed from the classroom instruction. Just language testing alone with no need for achievement testing can be time-consuming.

In the states, students receiving special education must undergo a comprehensive evaluation every three years.

Or do they?

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