Adventures with speechBITE

I was reading twitter the other day and one of the #SLPeeps (I believe it was Caroline Bowen) mentioned this fabulous website. 

This is directly from the website: “speechBITE™ is a database that provides open access to a catalogue of Best Interventions and Treatment Efficacy across the scope of Speech Pathology practice. This is an evidence based practice initiative between The University of Sydney and Speech Pathology Australia.”

It looks like people who use speechBITE will be able to access various article abstracts and citations. The site includes studies with systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, non-randomized controlled trials, case studies, and single case experimental designs.

There have been a few times the #SLPeeps have discussed how difficult it is to get access to EBP and recent articles. It’s true that if you are an ASHA member, you have access to the ASHA journals…but ASHA journals are not the only journals that have peer-reviewed articles. There are many journals published that are not available without a subscription or working through a university. Granted, we could always buy individual articles but at anywhere from $15 – $40 an article, it’s a bit prohibitive.

Here is a link to the “latest” newsletter. It’s dated December 2011, but it still has some nice information. They are on twitter and you can follow @speechbite and see their tweets. Apparently, speechBITE is sponsored by many organizations including ASHA, CASLPA, Speech Pathology Australia, and the University of Sydney (and a few others).

It’s free to join…I’d love to know how many of my readers join (and how many of you already knew about it!).

Adventure on!


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