I know you have ALL been waiting breathlessly to see who has won the two codes for Ice Cream Planets…right? Well, at least the 11 of you who commented have been!

For those of you who did not win – please don’t forget to enter the next contest which will start this afternoon…I have a few codes for Smarty-Ears app Adjective Remix, this is a great app which typically sells for $9.99. You will want to be sure to enter this contest!!!

Now, on to the news. Today is the end of the contest, and I’m happy to report the winners have been selected. I used the Random NumGenerator app to choose the winners. Each comment was given a number, the number range was entered into the application, and the “generate” button tapped twice. The winning numbers were 2, 9…therefore the winners were:

* Jan Ward

* Juli LaMoy

Drop me a (screened) comment here with your email and I will send you the code. The codes should be redeemed within the next couple of weeks so they don’t expire.

Congratulations to both of you. If you get a chance, please stop by Erik’s blog and thank him for providing codes for the contest. It’ll encourage him to give codes for his upcoming books (and I understand he has several in production!).

Adventure on!


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