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Wow…we just finished one contest (Congratulations to Jan and Juli the winners) and we are starting another contest!!! How exciting.

This contest is for Smarty-Ears’ newest application Adjective Remix. I recently reviewed Adjective Remix and you can find the review here. As you probably know, the app sells for $9.99. Smarty-Ears has graciously given me THREE codes to give away. The codes expire on July 25th, so we’re going to have to use them right away :).

So…here is the contest. I will use a random number generator app to determine the three winners. Here is how to get an entry.

1) Go to Smarty-Ears website which is located here and look over the available apps.

2) Come back here and leave a comment for me telling me which smarty-ears app is your favorite and why (and no it doesn’t have to be my app!).

3) Tell me which smarty-ears app you’d like to own but haven’t purchased yet (and why you’d like to own it).

4) The contest will end at midnight July 3rd and the winners will be announced on July 4th.

That’s it… each comment will be given a number, the random number generator will decide the winners. Remember, I have three codes for Adjective Remix to give away. Comments will be open for this contest…

Good luck and Adventure on!


51 thoughts on “Adjective Remix – Contest

  1. I have and regularly use “R Intensive”. If I were choosing another today it would be either “Articulate It” or “Minimal Pairs Academy”…probably MPA simply because it seems to address issues coming up most frequently these days. Of couse, Adj Remix would be more than welcome here too!

  2. I love Language Adventures. It’s fun and motivating for the kids and there is no set up required (or frustration that game pieces are missing). I would love to use Adjectives Remix, iPractice Verbs and Go-Togethers in therapy to make learning these concepts more fun.

  3. I love Language Adventures! I think adjective remix would be a great addition. I also use Fun and Functional quite a bit! I will be out of the country from July 20 – 30 so if I win, I need to know early!

  4. I love all of the apps. I have language adventures and use it all of he time, even as a reinforcer for speech only kiddos. I’d love to win this new app, and look forward to more giveaways or the other apps as well! Thanks!

  5. I am a newly graduated CF in speech language pathology who will be receiving an ipad when I begin my job soon, so I don’t know which are my favorites yet! I am building my library in itunes all that I can in advance and welcome any and all useful freebies! 🙂

  6. Hi! My favorite Smarty Ears app is Articulate It! It is a favorite for two reasons…first, my students absolutely love to practice their sounds and use the recording feature, and have demonstrated significant engagement and progress. Second, I was using this with a borrowed iPad when my principal came to watch and just on the student engagement with some ED kids, he approved for me to have my own iPad…so Articulate It got me an iPad for school! Apart from Adjective Remix, I would like to have Custom Boards, because I think my autistic students would benefit from it. Thanks!

  7. The students and I really enjoyLanguage Adventures. I like the fact that Articulate it, LA, and MPA have excellent spread sheets. It makes logging and sharing a snap. Custom Boards has been a valuable tool also. If I were to choose an app from Smarty Ears it would be Spanish Artik or the Spanish Article test. Both would be important for use with my bilingual students.

  8. I use Custom Boards quite a bit. There are endless possibilities and it’s so easy to use. I’ve also wanted Articulation scenes, as it looks amazing and I think would be super motivating. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I love all the apps I have. I use expressive, custom boards and language adventures on a regular basis.
    The smarty ears app that I want to own and that is on my wish list is Articulation Station. The reason I feel this application is needed and so imperative to have is that I teach children with autism. Speech and language development cannot only be taught in isolation but needs to be included into a child’s daily living. Looking at the actual product it states it is for children who need practice with one of the most targeted phonemes in speech therapy sessions / r/ , we have included one scene per each separate type of the sound “r” : [ pre-vocalic, blends, air, ar, ear, ire, or, rl ] and that it offers children the opportunity to learn to pronounce their sounds from pre-recorded audio built-in on each activity as well as the ability to record their own voice pronouncing the words.
    This is something we try so hard to integrate into our classrooms. We want our students to have every experience to be verbal, be exposed to verbal situations and practice skill building as often as possible.
    This new application Adjective Remix looks like it would also be a great addition to my teaching. We need to support our students/children however we can and as often as we can!

    • Hi Francis, Articulation Station is not a smarty-ears app. Are you thinking perhaps of Articulation scenes or Articulate it! (both of which do all phonemes) or /R/ Intensive? Either way, all three are good apps 🙂

      Glad you enjoy Language Adventures – it’s one of my favorite smarty-ears apps too.

      Adventure on!

  10. I like many of the Smarty Ears apps, but I like Categories Learning Center best because it targets important semantic skills with varied levels of abstraction and different tasks. I like that it can be set to target varied tasks or a single task depending on the student’s needs. I would like adjective or preposition remix. Those are two apps that I don’t yet have.

    • Glad you like Categories Learning Center. It’s one of my favorites too. The kids seem to enjoy it. I will often ask them to “name two more” things that fit in a category after they have give a category name. It expands the expressive component. Good luck!

  11. Preposition Remix is favorite of my students and me.
    They love working on the concepts they know and they learn the other concepts at a fast rate. I would love to have this new app “Adjective Remix” to add to the “mix” with Preposition!

  12. My fav Smarty Ears apps are the ones I have (ProPa, Goal Bank and Sunny.) The apps are like Pokemon “Gotta Catch Em All” but the ones I would like to get next are Articulate It!, R Intensive and Adjective Remix 😉

  13. I don’t have any Smarty Ears apps but I would like to try all of them! 🙂 Working in the schools I have a wide variety of skills I am addressing. I would like to get Articulate it! and Adjective Remix especially.

  14. The app I like the best, would like to own, and have not purchased is Custom Boards. I work with young children, many of whom are minimally verbal, and this seems like a great app for early communication. Adjective remix would be very useful for my kids who are beginning to put sentences together and understand early concepts.

    • Have you tried the free version of Custom Boards? It has a few templates and you can buy individual templates for a dollar or two. It may help out until you can get the whole version – it really is a great app. I foresee Adjective Remix being awesome for those early concepts and descriptors. Good luck!

  15. I like ArticulateIt. Not the most fun but most needed at the moment. Th is killing us and l.

  16. The language adventures app looks like it would be so helpful and fun during therapy! I would also like the /r/ intensive app – you can never have to many /r/ resources!!

  17. I absolutely love Preposition Remix. I can use it with all ages of clients and it has so many options which makes it so versatile. I love to turn the sound off and use it to work on expressive language. I seriously use this app everyday!

  18. Smarty Ears apps ROCK. I like them all. My favorite and most useful one is Custom Boards.I especially like how I can develop boards to each student’s needs. It gives a child a voice with the templates. Have also made my own probes for our Language Checklist in our district! I would love Adjective Remix! Thanks for this opportunity!

  19. Currently i don’t have any Smarty Ears apps. I found many that imwould like to try though. I really liked how the Fun and Functional app looked. It is on my wish list!

  20. Articulation Scenes is my current Smarty Ears favorite. It is very motivating and my students are having a blast with it. I’d like to get adjective remix. It looks like it would be good for many of my students.

  21. I love all the smarty ears apps the children are very motivated to work on their speech and language when it is on a computer. In my room we were lucky enough to have a smart board which projects the apps bigger. I would love to win adjective remix!

  22. I like all the Smarty Ears apps I have but Preposition Remix may be my favorite. The kids enjoy it and it works on skills they struggle with. I would like Custom Boards because it looks like you can do so much with it. Language adventures also looks like a good one.

  23. I probably use Articulate it the most. But I’m leaning to Custom Boards as my favorite. I just started using it to take pictures of the kids sequencing simple activities and then email it to the parents. Fun. I would like the Categories Learning Center.

  24. The Smarty Ears app that is my favorite is Language Adventures because it engages my students and targets multiple skills both receptively and expressively :-). Hmm…there are so many Smarty Ears apps I would like but haven’t purchased yet…One of the ones I’ve had my eye on recently is Articulation Scenes because I love finding alternates to “go fish” for articulation practice and think it would provide lots of opportunities for artic practice.

  25. My favorite and most often used Smarty Ears app is Articulate It! It is a favorite for two reasons…students enjoy using it to practice their sounds with the recording feature, and have demonstrated significant engagement and progress. I also really like having Caseload Tracker with its information gathered all in one passcode protected place. I would love to own Articulation Scenes because I’ve heard such good things about it from reviewers use to facilitate additional sound productions. I would also like to own Adjective Remix to help children use more descriptors, increase MLU, and improve both spoken and written language.

  26. I am a grad student currently in an internship position and just purchase an Ipad a month ago! My supervisor uses Custom Boards a ton to make social stories for our kiddos and I would love to have this one! It can be used in so many ways. We even just used it to work on “first, then” concepts. I would also love to have articulate it! Smarty Ears is definitely a developer with a ton of great speech apps!

  27. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for this opportunity! My favorite Smarty Ears app is Articulate It! My students love it and it is so very easy to use, print up results, and reference the data. I also have Custon Boards which is super for customizing individual needs of students. On my wish list…I would love R Intensive and Language Adventures and of course Adjective Remix would be delightful!
    Thanks again. Juli

  28. Hi Mary,
    I have Articulate it. I love this app and use it every day in therapy in both school and the clinic. The kids love the feedback with recording themselves. They also like the sound of the rotating sentences. Many kids giggle when they think about what the sentences mean. Very motivating!
    I would love to get the Adjective remix and Language adventures.

  29. My children just gave me an IPad for my birthday and I am spinning with all the fantastic apps available for speech therapy. My wish list is growing rapidly so appreciate hearing from others before randomly buying. Adjective Remix is definitely on the list. I can already see how helpful it will be with students with expressive language needs!

  30. My favorite Smarty Ears app is most definitely Categories Learning Center. I have many students who work on expressive and receptive classifying, and this app gave me another way to address categorizing skills. After looking at the website, I noticed the House of Learning app. It looks very similar to an idea I’d thought up last year for an app; I had wished there was such an app out there! I also would love Articulation Scenes and Language Adventures.

  31. My favorite Smarty Ears app so far is Articulation Scenes. It is amazing how much went into that application! I own many of the Smarty Ears applications, but I am definitely interested in this one as well as Go Togethers and Preposition Remix!

  32. Wow, I have several. I have Speech Trainer, SLP Goal Bank, Articulate It and Wh Questions. The one I use the most is Articulate It. I love being able to keep track of responses. Since I can’t indicate prompting/modeling, I write a note each time so I have accurate documentation. The kids like the pictures, even though some of them are kind of odd. Language adventures would be good to own because we’re getting more and more kids who need to work on multiple meanings and idioms. Adjective remix would also be excellent to help develop expressive language.

  33. What I currently own from Smarty ears is the SLP Goal Bank….and I love it (9and not just because you co-wrote it!). I would like to purchase soooo many in the future: i Name it, minimal pairs academy, sunny articulation test, and yes/no just to name a few of them. I work with the very young crowd(0-3yrs) so these apps would do so much to help them learn basic concepts and it would help me trace their progress.

  34. I think Language Adventures would be a great app to use with some of my high schoolers. I like that it is research based and I can use it to build vocabulary skills.

  35. Retrieved from LinkedIN:
    Hi Mary
    I couldn’t reply on your page for the Smarty Ears context. The app I really love is Go Togethers (and would like to own) because:
    It is:
    – well designed for associations, but categories and attributes can be included.
    – can be paced (SLT can move ahead at student’s pace)
    – has opportunity and reward for further discussion with talking and asking question “why” although this could be made easier by SLT using where, when, who questions(food for thought if modifying) Why is harder to answer
    – options for choices-like that
    It would be perfect for some of the students I work with
    Love it!
    Annette Stock

  36. I absolutely love the iName it app! As a per diem SLP, it can be hard to locate materials needed at times, and this app is a well-rounded tool! I love that the app can be used for any age group, and that the pictures are realistic! I also love that each person can have their own profile, as well as the cues, and the ability to track, and send data! This app makes therapy a little easier as well as fun also! The app that I would love to own is the Go-Togethers app. This app is cool because once again, it’s versatile between all age groups. Another thing that stands out about this app is that it gets the person involved by dragging the line between the items. It targets receptive and expressive language, and gives time to discuss between activities. As a school SLP also, this would be a great app to use with my small groups!

    Thanks for creating such great apps! 🙂

  37. I think I would love to have Language Adventures, it sounds like it would help my son out alot. He has autism and struggles with communication and language issues, plus we homeschool and I use the Ipad alot to teach him different skills. I think he would be engaged while playing this and he would learn alot too.

    • Language Adventures is great for teaching multiple meaning words, synonyms, and antonyms. I really like how there is 3 different boards (based on difficulty) for each type of game.

      Perhaps one day we’ll have a giveaway for Language Adventures or another smarty-ears app.

  38. I use language adventures with several of my students. It is a fun and motivating way to teach multiple meaning words, antonyms and synonyms. I would love the adjective app

    • Hi Amy,

      I’m afraid the contest for adjective remix is over. But, I hope you’ll check back often as I frequently have different contests. I expect we’ll be having a contest in the not too distant future!

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