Adventures with Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you one of the super creative SLPs that always has a project going on? The SLP that uses themes for therapy and never has to grab a game at the last minute? If so, this post is most likely not for you.

However, if you are like me, and have lots of ideas but very little carry through, or wind up grabbing whatever game off the shelf at the last minute, or (shudder) end up playing candyland for sessions on end because it’s “so versatile” then keep reading…

I recently was introduced to the wondrous site that is Teachers Pay Teachers.  Actually, I take that back…I was told about it over a year ago…but (ahem) I’m not a teacher and I wasn’t really interested in “teaching materials.” The very brief moment I explored the site a year or so ago, most of what I saw wasn’t anything that I thought would work in my therapy sessions. That is most definitely not the case now.

SLPs have discovered Teachers Pay Teachers and it is fabulous. Easily one of the best things we could do next to Twitter, Pinterest, and Sliced Bread…(or warm chocolate chip cookies!).

For instance, not too long ago, I was lamenting the fact that 2Gals Speech Therapy products had closed and their wonderful products were not going to be available. I’ve been using 2Gals games in my therapy for a couple of years now and I absolutely LOVE them. I am very VERY happy to know (and share) that Dean Trout of 2Gals has a Teachers Pay Teachers site. Some of my favorite games like Looting Pirates, Gold Rush, and You Win are still available!

Gold Rush GameEven better…There are some new games to download. There are some free downloads – like this Gathering Nuts download. I plan on downloading this SLAP IT descriptives game soon too! It looks like it will be fabulous for my therapy sessions.

Now…as excited as I am that Dean’s on TPT…there are a lot of other SLPs one there as well…Here’s a brief list (and I’m sorry it’s not inclusive…I’m not leaving anyone out on purpose).

There are even some great pinterest boards dedicated to items found on Teachers Pay Teachers. For instance:

I know there’s a least one SLP who has a pinterest board dedicated to SLPs who have Teachers Pay Teacher sites…unfortunately, I don’t have the link yet.. When I find the link, I’ll update it.

**updated: It looks like there are at least two pinterest boards dedicated to SLPs on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is one  and here is the one that was mentioned on the Facebook SLPeeps page:

I have to say, there are some very innovative SLPs sharing their creativity.

So…Do you use Teachers Pay Teachers? Who is your favorite SLP on TPT? Or…perhaps it’d be best to ask what’s your top 3 TPT downloads? I’d love to hear…

Until then…Adventure on!


12 thoughts on “Adventures with Teachers Pay Teachers

  1. In addition to some you mentioned, I have downloaded materials on TPT from SLP Gone Wild, Miss Speechie, Nicole Allison, and Amanda Meyers (a sped teacher). So glad to know that 2gals has a page. Will be checking out the others you mentioned.

  2. I love the TpT site and wondered if there were any SLPs on it – I’m glad to see there are! Thanks for the info and links. I am new to it but am finding activities/materials (mostly free) that can be used in S/L therapy – phonological awareness and vocabulary are the ones I’ve found so far.

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