Adventures with ASHA, Smarty-Ears, and Pediastaff

It’s hard to believe that it’s only two weeks until ASHA 2012. Things have been absolutely swamped for me.

I’ve only just returned from New Mexico. I was blessed (and honored) to be invited to present at the New Mexico Speech Hearing Association (NMSHA). I presented on using iPads in therapy – and demonstrated many apps. I was lucky enough to have several app codes to give away to some lucky winners too! Let me tell you too… Those people at NMSHA they know how to …

Party! It was NMSHA’s 50th Anniversary. They had a great little party – a DJ (complete with disco lights), dancing, cash bar, and a great little snack bar. It was fun. I heard great things about the presentation and overall the reception was very warm and welcoming.

On the way home, I was definitely feeling drained. I almost cancelled going to ASHA 2012 this year. The idea of flying was just … daunting. But, I’m glad to say I’ve recovered and I am definitely looking forward to attending now!

I am very excited about a number of activities that are going on. First, I’m going to be showing some of my #SLPeeps (from twitter) how to do Cycles (the right way)… We’re going to have a Flash mob (you should come too! It’ll be fun!!!)…I’ve also been asked to take part in a focus group. I’m not entirely sure what it involves, but it should be interesting. We’ll be talking about assessments and the clinical needs SLPs have regarding assessments.

I think the most fun though will be (besides attending conferences of course) is helping out at the Smarty-Ears booth (I can’t wait to show people how fabulous the apps are) AND helping out at the Pediastaff’s Social Media Learning Booth featuring the #SLPeeps. I can’t wait to teach others what a fabulous learning and networking tool Twitter is…and show people about blogging and other social outlets. After all, without twitter – I wouldn’t have smarty-ears…and without smarty-ears I wouldn’t have apps…Oh… also, without twitter, I wouldn’t have had the push to blog.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m going to be attending lots of sessions too. After all, I need to make sure my boss knows I’m taking the privilege of this trip seriously. I want to make sure other SLPs in my unit are allowed to attend ASHA if they want to (and I want to be able to attend again as well!).  It shouldn’t be too hard, my director is awesome and I’m truly blessed to be working with her; besides there are some amazing presentations I want to attend.

So… Tell me. If you’re going to ASHA 2012 – what is one presentation that is an absolute must see?  Even if you’re not going to ASHA…what’s one presentation you wish you COULD see?

If you’re going to ASHA…be sure to take advantage of the #SLPeeps vendors (there is a bingo game for those vendors that take advantage of social media – marked by great little signs). Stop by and see me at the Smarty-Ears booth (or anyone there really…they all ROCK!)… and be sure to stop by the Pediastaff social learning booth #1823 too.

This will be an ASHA that is unforgettable!

Until then…Adventure on!