Adventures with Nominations!

I’m very pleased to report that Speech Adventures has been nominated for an EduBlog award. Not only was it nominated, but is on the short-list of nominations…which means it’s time to vote. I am incredibly honored to be included in this list. Thank you!

If you find Speech-Adventures helpful, I’d love to have you vote for it.

There are a number of SLPs Blogs, Podcasts, and Apps that have been nominated. You can get a brief rundown from Sean Sweeney’s website Speech Techie. Sean very kindly compiled all the “important” categories. 🙂

As with any vote – while I would love to have you vote for me… it’s more important that you vote…for anyone. Your vote helps recognize the work that goes into creating a blog that’s worth reading. So… go vote… for anyone (even if it’s not me!).

Voting closes on December 9th. Vote daily…Until then…Adventure on!