Essential Social Media Tools for the SLP: A letter from a founding member of the #SLPeeps

At the recent ASHA convention, I was proud to volunteer at the Social Medial Learning Center booth.  At the booth we talked about why it is imperative SLPs understand and embrace the world of social media that is taking our profession by storm. Whether you want to interact daily or prefer to sit back and read, social media has become an invaluable resource for communicating with colleagues and staying on top of recent research and trends.

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The Pediastaff booth and Learning Lab were both quite popular at ASHA12 and visitors expressed an interest in learning more that they could take home with them to digest at their leisure.  We anticipated that this would be the case, so several of the “#SLPeeps,” together with Heidi Kay at PediaStaff, co-authored and produced a simple e-book that we would like to share with you as a blog hop.

Social NetworkingBloggingiPadsFacebookTwitterLinkedIn…These are all common words in society today. Many companies, such as Pediastaff, have websites with information and links to an amazing amount of material with just a mouse click. Movie stars tweet, the ASHA Leader is online, and there is an ASHA Blog. But, have you ever considered how the internet can help you become a better professional?

Are you familiar with that feeling you have at a conference where you’ve connected with others and hashed out various situations and you’ve gained new therapy ideas and connected with individuals who “get it?” That is what is waiting on twitter. The SLPs on twitter often link to great articles and research that has been published world-wide that is just waiting for someone to read it. We discuss whether the answer to an assessment question is correct, different ways to interpret scores, and better ways to write goals.  For that matter, we enjoy just being able to chat with someone and have them understand that feeling when a student finally “gets it,” or the joy when we dismiss a student. That’s what twitter is all about.

I can say unequivocally Twitter has made me a better clinician, helped me widen my professional boundaries, and helped me a build a primary learning network that is unrivaled. In 2009, when I started my twitter account, I had no idea it would benefit me the way it has. At first, there was a core group of about 15 people; now there are over 1000 SLPs, Audiologists, and students networking together under the hashtags of #SLPeeps, #AUDPeeps and #SLP2B. As one of the original #SLPeeps, I am amazed at the incredible wealth of knowledge and world-wide support that is available now. It truly is a way to connect with people world-wide.

SLPs are blogging ideas for therapy, creating Pinterest boards with links to craft projects and therapy activities, and talking about their research. It’s a wonderful time to create a primary learning network through twitter, Pinterest, and blogs. Truly there is an amazing wealth of information available to everyone. Thank you, Pediastaff for allowing the #SLPeeps and the online community at large to share this experience with everyone. We look forward to seeing everyone online!

Until then…Adventure on!
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