Bad Budgets and a Call for Action

Imagine my surprise when I was happily perusing twitter…and I saw a tweet in all caps.

Now, for those of you not in the know…that’s just rude. I mean it’s RUDE! (see…it gets your attention). When the person who tweeted it is near and dear to me and familiar with twitter etiquette or “twitiquette” as I like to call it, I knew it wasn’t rude…it was important.


Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve been a vocal advocate for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness for a while. What a fabulous way to keep people in lower paying jobs…and you have to admit they ARE lower paying jobs. I mean, come on… A school-based SLP makes WAY less per year than many individuals out there. The same can be said for Audiologists, Social Workers, School Psychs…you name it. These jobs are vital to the well-being of our country (and no I don’t think that is too strongly worded).

To date, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness has been provided to allow those workers who are willing to take the underpaid jobs for at least 10 years in exchange for forgiveness of the remainder of their loans. For many of us, particularly those with a required masters degree for licensure, that amount can easily mount up to more than $50-70 thousand dollars.

A new budget possibility will place a cap on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness of $57,000. Unfortunately, particularly for those individuals that qualify for income based repayment that won’t cover the loans or interest. Now, don’t get me wrong. I pay on my student loans every month. I’m not expecting, nor do I want a “free ride.” I pay on my loans the same as everyone else…But, as a single parent trying to help support my parents, my child, AND work in a rural public school, every penny counts…and this hurts.

If this budget change happens, imagine how many more SLPs, Audiologists, and School Psychs will bail on the already short staffed school systems in order to go work somewhere they can actually pay off their student loans easily.

If you’re so moved – please take a moment and go to  and ask for the PSLF to remain as it is now and forgive ALL remaining debt not just a portion.


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    Hey friends and family!

    So I have been following a number of speech therapy blogs and here is one- Speech Adventures, that I love. She posted information about the lowering of the limit the federal government will pay back in loan forgiveness if you work in a low paying high need job- like a school based SLP. I signed the petition because I have seriously considered taking on future SLP jobs in the school for this main reason- loan forgiveness. You have to commit to 10 years, but it is worth it. Or it was when the minimum they would reimburse was $57, 000. Anyway, take a look at the post and sign the petition. Hopefully we can make a difference.


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