Have you Yapp Guru’d?

Also known as Yapp Guru and the March Madness!

Back in September 2014, I wrote a blog post regarding Yapp Guru. You can view it here.

Since then…Yapp Guru has been emerging even more on the horizon of all things speech-language pathology and special needs related.  Still not convinced?

Yapp Guru Expert Reviewer

Yapp Guru Expert Reviewer

Let me see if I can help.

I think, once you see what all Yapp Guru has to offer, you will be excited to join (free), look at reviews (free), and enter your vote to show which apps YOU like best (ALSO FREE!).

The thing that really separates Yapp Guru from other sites is the expert reviewers. There are 25 (at last count) SLPs and 1 OT who are entering App reviews on the site. These are non-biased, honest, and well-thought out reviews. The reviews also follow a format, so while there are some places to have narratives, they are uniformly easy to read and follow. These reviews are from fellow SLPs in all-walks (rural/city, medical/SNF/school/private practice), etc. Some, like me, have developed apps; most are bloggers, but we ALL use the apps we review. Members of Yapp Guru can use the site knowing that fellow SLPs who know the ins-and-outs of the field are the ones that are reviewing the apps…writing recommendations. Here’s a review I wrote on Language Empires by Smarty Ears Apps. 

You, as a member of Yapp Guru, can also rest assured that the reviews are non-biased. Yapp Guru has a policy where reviewers cannot review apps they have a financial interest in…so, for instance, any reviews for Pronoun Heroes (my latest app) found on Yapp Guru (here’s a link) won’t be made by me. The same goes for any of the SLPs that have a financial interest in an app. Yay for non-biased reviews!

Now, I happen to know (a little inside information) that Yapp Guru has some incredible things happening. The SLPs that are in charge of it (Mai Ling, Tanya, and Aubrey) are very aware of the issues facing SLPs in today’s technology world. I am excited to see everything they are doing to make the lives of SLPs and (more importantly) their clients better!

Now…because Yapp Guru is also fun…some of the SLPs are getting together for a little March Madness. What this means to you is that if you are a member of Yapp Guru (did I mention this is FREE!) you will have access to even MORE reviews than ever before. The reason for this is many of the Yapp Guru experts have entered a contest to see who can review the most apps in March.

yapp guru

I don’t know if I’ll be in the running for the contest or not…but I do know that we will ALL win because we will have even more app reviews to read…That way when we spend our hard-earned money on apps we will KNOW they are worth the money!

So…Have you checked out Yapp Guru yet? Then what are you waiting for?? Go join – it’s free (and they don’t spam you with a ton of emails!)… and then come back here and let me know what you think. I hope you’re as pleased with them as I am!

Until then….Adventure on!