Adventures with despair,happiness, and change!

No matter where we turn in the last few days, we are surrounded by news on the inauguration, cabinet choices, fashion sense, and people in general expressing great pleasure and equally great despair. On Facebook there are posts proudly proclaiming marching in peaceful protests for women’s rights and/or against the current president (note: they are not necessarily one and the same). There are an equal number of people telling those marching to “get over it.”

There are posts against the president’s pick for cabinet members. There are an equal number of posts saying “give it time, give them a chance.”

There’s one thing ALL of these posts have in common…

109221289 Each post, each tweet, each voice is a cry for help. For those that are pleased with the new administration they are a cry of relief that their voice will finally be heard and (hopefully) acted on.

For those that are seeing the new administration as the anti-Christ (yes, that was one I saw), they are afraid those most in need of our help will be kicked to the gutter and their voices will no longer be heard. That the rights of anyone other than white males will be reduced or eliminated.

I have seen posts where speech-language pathologists have children on their caseload who are worried about their safety, the safety of their loved ones, and are witnessing their dreams being dashed with a few late night tweets.

I have seen fellow SLPs concerned that their own medical coverage (currently under the Affordable Care Act) will terminate and their children with pre-existing conditions will no longer qualify for insurance.

I have seen school administrators concerned about the qualify of education (already under scrutiny) forced to endure even more budget cuts and setbacks. (Heck, I’ve witnessed first hand the tremendous budget cuts already in place that are affecting public schools and universities.) 

I have seen people elated as their choices of administration (local, state, and national) take office, and I have seen people terrified at the prospect of disintegrating world relations.

There is one thing I haven’t seen though…

I haven’t seen those voices step up to take action. For those who are elated – step up, volunteer, enter public office and make sure that your voice continues to be heard. If you felt you weren’t heard before – STEP UP! Take action:  volunteer, enter public office, and make sure your voice is heard.

For those of you who are afraid of what the current administration will be trying to accomplish – STEP UP! Take action: volunteer, enter public office, and make sure your voice is heard.

NOW is the time for action, not words. If the idea of volunteering for ASHA is scary (they do have openings!!!) start locally.

Volunteer to be a union advocate…Be on the school board…Be on a hospital board…

Be on the city council…Run for mayor…heck run for governor!   

Let your voice be heard! (and I don’t mean by posting more)

This administration will change (after all, he can only be in office a max of 8 years). Not all of his promises (or threats) will be carried out. Agendas change…and eventually there will be a new President, new cabinet members, new press corps…new issues…new voices.

There is only one thing that is certain: the one thing that won’t change is the fact that our clients – infants, children, elderly, disabled, etc.. need OUR voice to advocate for them. There is NO ONE who knows what our clients need better than we do.

Take action! 

Volunteer for ASHA:

Get involved locally:

Advocate for others:

Regardless of your stance on this administration, WE need YOUR voice. 

If you’d like to leave a positive message sharing how you plan on volunteering for change, I’d love to hear it!

Until then…Adventure on!



8 thoughts on “Adventures with despair,happiness, and change!

  1. Hi Mary, I’m sorry that you have not seen anyone taking action. Many people in my local community have been moved to take actions large and small that suit their proclivities (including running for local office). Many SLPs are mobilizing in particular to call Senators to voice their concerns about Betsy De Vos as Education Secretary. I invite you to check out The Political SLP where many of the members are sharing their voices and action.

  2. I am going to support ASHA’s political action committee, ASHA PAC. I will continue to be a member of my state association which fights for the rights of speech/language disabled at the state level, as well as fighting for our needs as SLPs. Thank you for making us think and act!

    • Exactly! Involvement – whatever that looks like for you – is what’s important. 🙂 I plan on doing the same thing – and possibly getting involved at the state level as well (if they’ll have me). Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hey, Mary!
    Each of my friends and our family members have taken action by making donations to causes we believe in, volunteering our time, writing letters to our congressmen and actively seeking how to be part of solutions we can live with when possible. I think there are many of us who are quietly making choices to be more personally involved. Frankly, I am exhausted with social media and being part of a bigger conversation. I am seeking more 1:1 time in my life to make an impact and care for my family, friends and community members. Thank you for a great article and resources to help shape proactive steps to live authentically within our belief system.

    • I love this Amy. I agree, I think there are a lot of people who are volunteering, donating, etc. Hopefully they outweigh those that haven’t done so yet. I love hearing how people are making a difference – however they see fit to do so (no judgments here).
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi Mary! I stumbled across your blog while trying to research the benefits of a clinical doctorate. I’m really up in the air and have been trying to find someone who chose to go through with it (or not) and get their opinions/thoughts, etc. One of your posts from a while back ago (discouragement, is there really a shortage?, missing out on the therapy component, etc) mirrors my current thoughts process. I see that since then you’ve embarked on some new adventures 🙂 congrats! If you have time, do you think we could chat? I’d appreciate your time deeply!

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