Adventures in Article Reviews – 2

It’s the 2nd Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for Blogging About Research! Today’s review will follow a similar (although I reserve the right to change it slightly) format to the previous blogging about research which you can find here and of course, you can read the compilation of blogs here.

So…Let’s get started!

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Adventures with Academics…no wait… Education

In the past week, I have had several instances where the phrase “does it impact his/her education” has come up. report card

The first, was a discussion I was having with my principal and a few teachers. The Principal mentioned how in one of her previous schools, an older elementary student (5th or 6th grade) had an /r/ problem and was not being seen because “it didn’t affect his education” since he had all As and Bs.

In another instance, a discussion was held in an online forum where SLPs were not allowed to help students with single-sound errors because it was “not impacting their education.” In yet another instance, in the ASHA School Based Issues list-serve  the  need for “educational impact” was raised.

What I’d like to know is: when did grades become all of education?

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Adventures in Hoop Jumping

Also known as: Therapy, Therapy, Who has the Therapy…

As a school-based SLP it seems as though there are regulations for everything. There are rules for how many days documents can be unfinalized, how many days between meetings, and who can receive services. In fact, North Dakota has adopted speech-language guidelines to help determine who qualifies for services and who doesn’t. These are very thorough and great guidelines written by the Department of Education and a group of SLPs.

A recent discussion on ASHA’s School-Based Issues SIG Forum made me think..are there times when it’s actually illegal to help someone? There may be…

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Adventures in PA

No…Not Pennsylvania…Phonological Awareness!

Also known as: Where do I start with this kid so he can learn to read?

No matter how much we try to avoid it, the start of the school year is either here or just around the corner. Now, be honest, no matter how much you love your job there is a bit of melancholy that school is beginning, winter is coming (I know that part causes me despair!) and it’s about time to get to work.

Today I’m going to review a handy app that is wonderful for SLPs, Title Teachers, and SPED teachers alike. Intrigued yet?

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Adventures in HearBuilder Following Directions – Part 2

As you hopefully know (and if you don’t, scroll down a bit or click here) I recently reviewed Hear Builder Following Directions from Super Duper Inc. I promised a more thorough review once my students started using it and my first impressions. So…are you ready? Continue reading

Adventures in RTI (part two)

My apologies if this seems disjointed from my other RTI post; however, when I was considering what to write about today, I realized there are some great resources available and I wanted to share.

As most everyone (at least here in the states) is aware, RTI is huge. It’s also very hard to implement well. Many times it seems as though RTI is implemented and then nothing happens. The students receive some help, but no one is quite sure if the data being taken is correct, if the intervention is the right intervention for the problem, or what to do once progress is (or isn’t) seen.

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