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Where’s the Union? Where’s the Advocacy?

Periodically, ugly topics raise their heads, and everyone gasps, and commiserates, and does absolutely nothing but whine.

**Raises hand** I’m guilty. I admit it…raises hand

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Adventures in Advocacy…part two

Creatively known as How many ways can we fail a student?

Alternately known as Let’s describe Educational Impact.

Otherwise known as What do you mean it’s my fault he can’t get a job?

Hmmm. Did that last one get your attention?

One topic of conversation that’s popped up here, on Facebook, on the ASHA forums, etc. has been eligibility requirements for schools based services. Many SLPs have the understanding that children with only one or two speech errors are not eligible for services because they are not “severe” enough. I have been told that some schools do not do ‘articulation’ therapy at all as it’s not educationally impacting. Or the students were dismissed because of “time constraints.” I realize it’s not the SLPs that are doing this, it’s administration…but wow. What a way to fail our students.

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