The Filter Approach – A book review

I am always on the lookout for something new to use with students. I was recently sent a copy of The Filter Approach: Social Communication Skills for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Stephanie Sanders to review. (Disclosure: I receive a copy of the book at no charge, and I have not as of yet implemented this method with a student.) That said, the approach seems to have some merit. There is a website that discusses more about the book as well (The Filter Approach) and also discussed the author background, and provides a link to purchase the book.  Continue reading

An Intense App to work on R

It’s no secret that I love most of the Smarty Ears apps. After all, the majority of their apps meet my “good app” criteria. There are a few that are my all-time tried and true favorites though.

It’s also no secret that many (most that I’ve talked to) SLPs absolutely dread working on /r/. They often wait until they can’t wait any longer (even though research shows that most kids develop /r/ WELL before 6)…



One of those “favorite” apps that I use all the time is R Intensive.

(here’s a link to the review)



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Adventures in Advocacy…part two

Creatively known as How many ways can we fail a student?

Alternately known as Let’s describe Educational Impact.

Otherwise known as What do you mean it’s my fault he can’t get a job?

Hmmm. Did that last one get your attention?

One topic of conversation that’s popped up here, on Facebook, on the ASHA forums, etc. has been eligibility requirements for schools based services. Many SLPs have the understanding that children with only one or two speech errors are not eligible for services because they are not “severe” enough. I have been told that some schools do not do ‘articulation’ therapy at all as it’s not educationally impacting. Or the students were dismissed because of “time constraints.” I realize it’s not the SLPs that are doing this, it’s administration…but wow. What a way to fail our students.

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Adventures in PB codes

Whew! I almost forgot. Here it is the day of the give-away and you’ve all been waiting with bated breath… You have, right?

Well now that work is done, homework is done (have I told you lately how much homework 6th grade has? Don’t worry – I won’t do it…If you have a 6th grader you’re too busy to read it…if you’ve gone beyond 6th grade you’ll be too busy commiserating to read further…and if you’re not there yet…well, I don’t want to scare you!)…Anyway… I digress. Now that all is said and done, I’ve had the opportunity to read your posts.

There are some fabulous posts…You all don’t need these codes. What a great job!

Thank you for participating in the game. I found some great ideas to use…and I appreciate them. As you can tell…there were 14 comments (well, 15 really – but one was a pingback and doesn’t count)… So, I used the Random Number generator app and chose two numbers. In the interest of fair play (and because I’m tired of people telling me I play favorites…no not here…elsewhere. You guys would never accuse me of that, right?) I’m including the screen shot of the RNG here.

As you can see…Comment 7 and Comment 12 were the winners. If we go from top to bottom, it looks as though Robyn Romano and Kimberly H. are the winners. Stay tuned for an email from me with the codes. Of course, if you already have the codes you will want to give these away as a gift – or let me know here, I’ll be happy to give them to one of the ones who didn’t win.

Also, be sure to send an email to Kyle at Mobile Education Store ( a great big thank you for the codes. Without him, we wouldn’t have the codes to give away. For those of you who have the app already – or who decide you really can’t live without it and decide to buy it since you didn’t win the code…be sure to write a review on iTunes and tell your friends about it…and spread the word.

Also…Be sure to look here for a review on Mobile Education’s newest app TenseBuilder here in the next couple of weeks. Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and have another give away…I’ll have to see if I can think of a good way to do it.

Until then…Adventure on!


Adventures in Awesomeness…

Yes, I know it’s not really a great title…but, I think it’ll make sense in a bit.

Like most SLPs I want to acknowledge how hard things can be – and do the happy dance when something goes well. It’s easy to reward the kids (they remind us constantly) but it’s not always as easy to remember to reward ourselves. No, I’m not talking about a cold beverage after work, or a vacation, or anything like that… but every once in a while it’s wonderful to be able to stand up and say:

“Hey world! Look at what happened today! I helped this happen!!!!”

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Hear Builder Following Directions – Part 1

This is the first of a two or three-part post about Hear Builder Following Directions, available from Super Duper. This first post will be about my initial reactions to the materials. The second post will be about my client’s (children) reactions to the content, and (hopefully) the third part will include some data to show effectiveness. If anyone is familiar with this software (or it’s sister software) I’d love to hear about it…Leave me a comment.

In the meantime, back to the review.

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