Adventures with … donations and birthdays

We all get those fliers in the mail…you know the ones, donate here…donate there. For the most part, I ignore them. Don’t get me wrong, I have my select few charities I donate to…and I donate to the scholarship funds at my university…and I donate to the organizations at school. But I don’t donate to every group that comes begging. I like to know where my money is going and is it truly going for good things. I’m also trying to instill a sense of giving in my daughter. After all, wee may not have a lot, but we are very grateful for what we do have, and we always have something we can give, even if it’s time.

This year, my alma mater (Minot State University) is celebrating it’s centennial. In honor of that momentous occasion, the communication disorders program has put forth the effort to garner the donations to fund 100 cleft-lip-palate repairs through operation smile. The details are here: MSU – Communication Disorders161_ex01

Now, I know full well that this is an expensive season…we have conventions, ASHA dues, licensing, holidays, etc… and I’m not really even asking you to donate to my university…although if you want to I’d love to hear about it…(and you can do it here and even just $5-$10 adds up if enough people do it…)

But the purpose of this post is really to ask, since I know we’re all giving people, HOW do you donate during the year? Is it financial? Is it time? How do you teach your children (at home) and your clients to be giving? Have you done any community service events like my university is doing?

I can’t wait to hear. Drop me a note here.

Until then….Adventure on!