Adventures in Certification…part two.

Also known as Adventures in Action…

Alternatively known as Quit your Whining and DO something!

More effectively known as: It’s Time to Work Together to Accomplish Change!

Earlier this year, I posted this about how certain states require SLPs working in schools to have a teaching certification or at least lead people to believe those requirements exist.

After a conversation on twitter, this subject has come up again. There was much outrage, anger, and disgust. So I decided to do some research…Want to know what I found out?

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Adventures in Certification

Do you have your CCCs? Are you working toward getting your CCCs? Do you have your C-SLP (if you are Canadian)? Can you believe that this post is actually not about your CCCs…but another type of certification entirely?

And one that really doesn’t have anything to do with our job but many SLPs are still required to obtain?

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What’s in a Name?

I’ve been hesitant about writing this post for a few reasons…

1) I’m a fairly new blogger and I would hate to lose readers already…2) There’s a fair amount of controversy that rears its ugly head periodically and this is one of those… and 3) Similar blogs have been written recently and I didn’t want to step on toes.

That being said…I think it’s time to delve in and stir up the waters just a bit. I guess we’ll see who is listening…err… reading.

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