Time for new…or renew…or…something.

Can you believe it is almost March and Mardi Gras?

mardi_gras_maskIn an effort to stop procrastination (I’m thinking about giving it up for Lent) and be more positive, I am debating on what to be when I grow up. For years, I was content being a school-based speech language pathologist. I was good at it, it was rewarding, and I had a dream position (really…I did!)

Now, I’m working at a university (which is very different, I love teaching new SLPs who to do what I love). This position, while not direct therapy, is also very rewarding. I’m shaping the very fabric of the profession – how awesome is that?  Continue reading

Adventures with Research

Affectionately known as Adventures with CEUs

Alternately known as What do you mean it’s not EBP? They’re ASHA CEUs!

Every so often a situation arises where a person is slapped alongside the head with a clue by four. We have all had those “duh!” moments where we realize that a basic principle of life is not quite what we expected…if we’re lucky we also find out why.

There have been a couple of those slaps for me recently, and I thought I’d share them with you in the hopes that you can learn from my experiences.  Continue reading

Adventures with ASHA, Smarty-Ears, and Pediastaff

It’s hard to believe that it’s only two weeks until ASHA 2012. Things have been absolutely swamped for me.

I’ve only just returned from New Mexico. I was blessed (and honored) to be invited to present at the New Mexico Speech Hearing Association (NMSHA). I presented on using iPads in therapy – and demonstrated many apps. I was lucky enough to have several app codes to give away to some lucky winners too! Let me tell you too… Those people at NMSHA they know how to … Continue reading