Adventures with Zero-to-Hero

One of the things that I’ve been really considering lately is my blog. What can I do differently with it…should I play with the design….am I blogging about what’s important? You know…little things. New year…New Blog…You know how it goes.

While on twitter I stumbled across this tweet talking about how to re-invent (or invent) your blog and make it … more. So, because my life isn’t complicated enough…and I’m a glutton for punishment…and I’m really really hoping to make a blog that’s worth the time you take to read it – I decided to join the challenge.  If you are a WordPress blogger, I challenge you to do it as well (because then I won’t feel like an idiot!).

So…the first challenge is….((drum roll please))

I am supposed to introduce myself..

“Hello….my name is Mary and I’m a …” wait…Let’s try it again.

For the majority of you reading this, you already know who I am. My name is Mary Huston, I’m a school-based Speech Language Pathologist who blogs about whatever I decide I want to blog about… wait… no…that still doesn’t sound right.

I blog about things relating to speech-language pathology. These may be issues in the workplace – discussions that have come up on Facebook or twitter – or reviews of different apps that are used in speech-language therapy. (okay…it IS about whatever I decide I want to blog about! It just sounded bad to start with that.)

I came into blogging about 1 1/2 years ago and even though I truly angsted (is that a verb?*) about blogging, I haven’t looked back. I love connecting with other professionals through my blog. For me, blogging isn’t about personal stuff (that’s what twitter…err…live journal is for)…but it’s a way for me to discuss the issues that affect my daily work or the work of those with whom I interact. It’s a way for me to get more information and, eventually, hopefully, make a positive difference in the profession. Ultimately that’s what I want. I want to create an even more powerful impact on the lives of my students and to make an impact on the profession…if not as a whole, then on those with whom I interact (even virtually…so I guess that’s you…do you feel impacted yet?).

For those wondering…there will apparently be several learning posts associated with the ZerotoHero (why do I always type hear instead of hero?) challenge – it is a 30 day challenge after all…but I’m sure you can figure out the difference between those and my normal posts. One, they’ll be more regular..LOL. But, for those of you who are only paying partial attention – they’ll also have the Adventures with Zero-to-Hero (1, 2, 3, etc…) tag.

For those of you who are WordPress bloggers – are you taking up the challenge? For those of you reading – will you stick with me through the challenge? (pretty please????)… and for those of you true diehards that have been with me from the beginning…what should I change or NOT change about the blog? I was already told I shouldn’t change my header picture. Anything you absolutely love (or hate)…and please don’t say my writing style….

Drop me a line…

until then…Adventure on!

* I know angsted isn’t a real word – but it sounded cool in my head…It should have been “I experienced angst at the idea of blogging”…I was trying to be funny…give me a break!

10 thoughts on “Adventures with Zero-to-Hero

  1. Maybe change the font, add more/a variety of colors, and add pictures and links to different things in your posts?? I love your writing style…you’re very engaging and have a great sense of humor!

  2. What I most value about your blog is that you focus on issues as opposed to treatment ideas, etc. I think you offer a unique perscpective and niche so if you want to fuss with the “cosmetics” that’s fine but please don’t change the underlying body of work!

    • I have no plans to change the content…There are 101 treatment idea blogs out there (okay…maybe NOT that many)…But in all honesty, I go to those places to get inspiration – it’s definitely not the purpose of this blog.

      I intend to keep discussion issues…concerns…and the occasion funny story with intermittent app reviews. I’m hoping the challenge will show me how to do more with the blog, to make it more user friendly.

  3. Hi Mary, I think this is a great idea. If it weren’t for the fact that I am so new to blogging my main goal at this time is to not talk myself out of it, then I would join you. Although, I also don’t have a WordPress blog, so I guess I’m out either way. 😉

    I will read your posts with interest, as I am still trying to figure out what sort of blog I have created.

    I also like to write about whatever I want, but I am trying to tie it to how it impacts me as an SLP with the hopes that by sharing it might help another SLP… [Ooh! I think by commenting on your blog I have just solidified in my mind what mine is all about — see, with this exercise you’re already helping!]

    • LOL! The best advice given to me was “just do it” I didn’t start off with a big goal really. I struggled for a long time to come up with a name…and then I honestly couldn’t believe I’d have anything to say that was worth reading.
      Thankfully, I listened to people and I’ve just blogged about what appealed to me. What issues have popped up with the #SLPeeps on FB or Twitter and gone from there.

      You went with a non-wordpress blog? You could still take part in the writing pieces (It’d be GREAT practice for you)…it’s just that the “other” exercises of widgets, etc. may not apply to you but I bet whatever platform you’re using has something similar.

      I look forward to seeing your writing! Welcome to the #SLPBloggers… Ooh! You could always take part in Rachel’s Blogging for Research or Research Tuesday too. Here’s a link: I HIGHLY recommend it…it gets you blogging, it doesn’t take too much time, AND it’s a way to keep current on literature 🙂

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