Adventures with Zero-to-Hero – day 3

Also known as I’ve already done that let’s move on…wait..I should do what?

Today’s assignment for the Zero-to-Hero challenge was to write that first post that inspired us to blog in the first place… uhm..yeah. Either I’ve already done that or I’ve forgotten what it was. Thankfully, the wise people at understand blogging (and bloggers) and accounted for those of us that are a bit late to the game (or early depending on your view). They also suggested making a list of what we want to blog about…and other stuff.

Although I can’t think of what my original blog post plan was (I’m going on the assumption I already posted it), the assignment made me think about what I should be blogging about. I realized it’s easy for me to blog when I have a strong opinion about something…but the rest of the time, I’m still sort of amazed that anyone would want to read what I type. This post helped me get beyond my insecurities about blogging by reminding me why I chose to do it in the first place.

One of the things that several people have commented in the past few months (when I talk about changing the blog) is that they hope I don’t change my focus. To which I usually respond “there’s focus?” I am forever in awe of those bloggers with incredibly creative themes, or they are showing their therapy materials, and sharing how uber creative they are…I LOVE those sites (Jenn, Kim, Jenna, Ruth. Erik, and a ton of others it’s YOU I’m talking about!)…I am amazed when I read them because they are obviously WAY more creative than I am! I steal err…use…their work often in my therapy sessions. But I think that’s not why I started the blog. So…why did I?

I wanted to be able to showcase my apps. It’s morphed to doing app and software reviews for others as well – which is even better (because frankly I can’t make quality apps fast enough to make a blog interesting and I’m not interested in making lesser quality apps).

But…If I’m truly honest with myself (and that’s hard when I want to be reticent and self-depreciating), it’s also because I didn’t want to be “just another SLP Blogger.” I have often said one of my long-term goals is to walk across the stage at ASHA while I receive Honors or Fellow or whatever recognition from my peers. (yes, I put it out there! I think I’m even blushing now). My first ASHA (2008, Chicago) I watched the awards ceremony and I knew that one day I would be on that stage (well…maybe not THAT stage, but you know what I mean).

When I look even deeper at WHY I wanted that recognition, I realized I wasn’t craving empty accolades and pats on the back. I want to make a difference to our field. Those awardees have made huge differences in our field, that’s why they are being honored. One of the best things about our career choice is that we make a lifelong difference in the lives of our clients – whether we work in early intervention, schools, hospitals, babies, teens, adults…it doesn’t matter. WE make a difference for them and their families. That gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction, I almost feel guilty going to work in the mornings because I do it for me almost as much as for the kids. I want to make that same difference in the career (artic therapy anyone? I didn’t think so!).

Some of my posts are geared that way. When I blog about my pet peeves (being called a speech teacher is one of them!) it’s a bit selfish, but then I hear so many others feel the same way – and the arguments that support being called a teacher, and it makes me think…it gives me food for thought.

When I’m on twitter or Facebook and I we have the caseload discussion (again) and it rears its ugly head that unless WE do something to change things will never get better for us or our clients, I’m moved to rant…err…blog…If my words get even one person to become more active in their association and make a move toward change, I’ve accomplished something.

So I guess…in reality, my desire to blog is purely selfish. I had never thought of it that way before…but there you have it. My blog is one way that I’m trying to make a difference in the field (that sounds a bit better doesn’t it?).

So things I’ve considered blogging about?

  • Online communities – why we should join them (although this has been published in the Leader Live so I’m not anymore)
  • The whole bruhaha over who diagnosis what
  • CAS
  • (C)APD
  • Developmental Norms (and how idiotic artic norms are)
  • Being a catalyst for change
  • Goals
  • Responsibility of bloggers and moderators
  • how to do research in the schools

Hmmm. I started this list almost 2 years ago. I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

So…as a reader…what would YOU have me blog about? It doesn’t have to be one of those ideas (I’d rather it wasn’t actually)…but what issues do you as a clinician face? What would you find interesting to read about? Let me know here.

Until then….Adventure on!


PS:  This reminds me that at my undergrad graduation I was chosen to be “the next Barbara Hodson.” I would love to make as much of an impact on our field as she has. Maybe some day.

PPS: At ASHA13 I coined the term “Metatweeting” (tweeting about tweeting), I guess this post is an example of “metablogging” as I’m blogging about blogging. Hmmm.

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