Adventures in Advocacy…part two

Creatively known as How many ways can we fail a student?

Alternately known as Let’s describe Educational Impact.

Otherwise known as What do you mean it’s my fault he can’t get a job?

Hmmm. Did that last one get your attention?

One topic of conversation that’s popped up here, on Facebook, on the ASHA forums, etc. has been eligibility requirements for schools based services. Many SLPs have the understanding that children with only one or two speech errors are not eligible for services because they are not “severe” enough. I have been told that some schools do not do ‘articulation’ therapy at all as it’s not educationally impacting. Or the students were dismissed because of “time constraints.” I realize it’s not the SLPs that are doing this, it’s administration…but wow. What a way to fail our students.

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Adventures with R Intensive

Do you have a student or client working on /r/?

As a school SLP, I have … several. No matter how quickly I dismiss one, two more seem to spring up to take his place. There haven’t been a lot of apps that target just /r/, but I found one that I absolutely love!

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Adventures with Academics…no wait… Education

In the past week, I have had several instances where the phrase “does it impact his/her education” has come up. report card

The first, was a discussion I was having with my principal and a few teachers. The Principal mentioned how in one of her previous schools, an older elementary student (5th or 6th grade) had an /r/ problem and was not being seen because “it didn’t affect his education” since he had all As and Bs.

In another instance, a discussion was held in an online forum where SLPs were not allowed to help students with single-sound errors because it was “not impacting their education.” In yet another instance, in the ASHA School Based Issues list-serve  the  need for “educational impact” was raised.

What I’d like to know is: when did grades become all of education?

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Adventures with Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you one of the super creative SLPs that always has a project going on? The SLP that uses themes for therapy and never has to grab a game at the last minute? If so, this post is most likely not for you.

However, if you are like me, and have lots of ideas but very little carry through, or wind up grabbing whatever game off the shelf at the last minute, or (shudder) end up playing candyland for sessions on end because it’s “so versatile” then keep reading…

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Adventures in Hoop Jumping

Also known as: Therapy, Therapy, Who has the Therapy…

As a school-based SLP it seems as though there are regulations for everything. There are rules for how many days documents can be unfinalized, how many days between meetings, and who can receive services. In fact, North Dakota has adopted speech-language guidelines to help determine who qualifies for services and who doesn’t. These are very thorough and great guidelines written by the Department of Education and a group of SLPs.

A recent discussion on ASHA’s School-Based Issues SIG Forum made me think..are there times when it’s actually illegal to help someone? There may be…

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