Adventures with Zero-to-Hero – day 3

Also known as I’ve already done that let’s move on…wait..I should do what?

Today’s assignment for the Zero-to-Hero challenge was to write that first post that inspired us to blog in the first place… uhm..yeah. Either I’ve already done that or I’ve forgotten what it was. Thankfully, the wise people at understand blogging (and bloggers) and accounted for those of us that are a bit late to the game (or early depending on your view). They also suggested making a list of what we want to blog about…and other stuff.

Although I can’t think of what my original blog post plan was (I’m going on the assumption I already posted it), the assignment made me think about what I should be blogging about. I realized it’s easy for me to blog when I have a strong opinion about something…but the rest of the time, I’m still sort of amazed that anyone would want to read what I type. This post helped me get beyond my insecurities about blogging by reminding me why I chose to do it in the first place.

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