Adventures in Research

I am pleased to announce that Speech Adventures will be participating in the blogging about research concept that was developed by Rachel over at Talks Just Fine.

Starting tomorrow (hopefully), once a month (the 2nd Tuesday) I will post a review of a recent journal article. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve written any journal reviews, so I anticipate the posts will … morph a bit as I discover a format that works for me. You will want to follow Rachel’s blog as she will compile all the various posts from the bloggers into one succinct post.

Obviously, since the purpose of the posts are to help keep me accountable for keeping current in research as well as providing information to my readers, I will do my best to keep things informative but readable. There will most likely be things in the review you wish weren’t there and there won’t be things you wish were there… That’s when you’ll have to go read the article yourself. But, at least you’ll have a good understanding of what the article is about.

For those of you that are going to want to critique my critique… please don’t. For those of you that want to read the article and have a discussion over whether I understood the information…please do. I’d love to have someone with whom to discuss research. However, please know…any destructive comments will be deleted.

Are you participating in current research? Are you blogging about it? I’m really looking forward to having some great discussion here.

Until then…Adventure on!

Chain Letter Link Up

Now that just sounds interesting doesn’t it?

In the course of the few months that I’ve been blogging, I’ve written app reviews, hot topics, and various posts. I’ve helped write a social media ebook with Pediastaff and other bloggers, and participated in a Blog Hop.  It probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise when I was asked to participate in a Chain Letter Link Up…but since I’d never heard of one before, suffice it to say, I was a bit surprised.

What is a Chain Letter Link up (and why do I keep wanting to write chain-mail instead of chain letter) you ask? Good question… Here’s the answer. Continue reading