Time for new…or renew…or…something.

Can you believe it is almost March and Mardi Gras?

mardi_gras_maskIn an effort to stop procrastination (I’m thinking about giving it up for Lent) and be more positive, I am debating on what to be when I grow up. For years, I was content being a school-based speech language pathologist. I was good at it, it was rewarding, and I had a dream position (really…I did!)

Now, I’m working at a university (which is very different, I love teaching new SLPs who to do what I love). This position, while not direct therapy, is also very rewarding. I’m shaping the very fabric of the profession – how awesome is that? I know, at some point in the not too distant future I’ll be getting my doctorate (in something…it’s still undecided which would be better PhD, EdD, SLPD [darn pros and cons and my inability to stop seeing all sides equally..well that and being afraid of commitment and even more student debt]).

I have been a paid presenter at a couple of state conferences, and I enjoyed that. It’s always fun talking with like-minded professionals. I’ve presented at the national conference too, and that’s fun as well…But it’s always a struggle to know what people want to listen to…what do I know that someone else wants to know?

I have a friend who is should deep in starting the new next best thing for SLPs (YappGuru and YappGuruUniversity – be sure to check it out). She wants me to create courses for YGU…but I’m struggling with WHAT to present on. Again,  why should anyone want to listen to me?

I’ve had things flitting around in my head. People always ask me for Cycles information. I guest lecture on it every year… I’m intrigued with special education law…ethics…scope of practice…advocacy…but I can’t seem to narrow topics down to a doable level (and frankly, I doubt the appeal to the masses…goodness knows I recognize my interests fall in the “odd” category!)

So…this is where YOU come in! I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

  1. What makes a great speaker?
  2. What topic(s) would be interesting to you to attend at a conference?
  3. What course (anywhere from 15-60 minutes) would you love to see created?


Please…Drop me a line and let me know.

Until then…Adventure on!


2 thoughts on “Time for new…or renew…or…something.

  1. 1. Credibly and briefly sharing evidence base, then moving on to applicable tx. I like tx videos. Greatness is, I suspect, some combination of immediately applicable tx with a basis in theory/evidence that is explicit enough to provide a launchpad. Give me both things I can try tomorrow and ideas I can I can chew on for months.
    2/3 Thinking of you specifically, I’d love to know more about cycles, especially with multiple disabilities, ID, or in life skills setting. Or with behavior issues.
    Really, anything related to SSD in those populations.

    Or “No, it’s not a structural problem : treatment for SSDs when nothing works”. (Ha.)

    Differential diagnosis, especially with MH, would be great!! I’ve really improved my tx as I’ve focused on this.

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