An Intense App to work on R

It’s no secret that I love most of the Smarty Ears apps. After all, the majority of their apps meet my “good app” criteria. There are a few that are my all-time tried and true favorites though.

It’s also no secret that many (most that I’ve talked to) SLPs absolutely dread working on /r/. They often wait until they can’t wait any longer (even though research shows that most kids develop /r/ WELL before 6)…



One of those “favorite” apps that I use all the time is R Intensive.

(here’s a link to the review)



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Adventures with R Intensive

Do you have a student or client working on /r/?

As a school SLP, I have … several. No matter how quickly I dismiss one, two more seem to spring up to take his place. There haven’t been a lot of apps that target just /r/, but I found one that I absolutely love!

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