Adventures in Advocacy

Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP:

I think it’s time to brush off these cobwebs. I’m considering presenting on the continued need for SLPs to advocate for their students and their sanity.

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Advocacy…Advocacy…who has the Advocacy…

Also known as 7 Habits of the Burnt-Out SLP

Alternately known as 10 Ways to Dump an SLP …

paperwork  Affectionately known as Who has a Life? I have Reports to Write…

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Adventures with LessonPix

Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP:

Periodically it’s time to revisit an old friend. Lessonpix is even COOLER now. It has a sharing feature, it has scales (like loudness scales or crisis scales), it has a perpetual tray… I mean, seriously, what are you waiting for. Check them out!

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How do you create your visual schedules? Homework sheets? Bingo cards? Ever have that moment where you want to make a visual schedule in the SPED room only to realize you left the CD in your speech room? Yeah… me too. 

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An Intense App to work on R

It’s no secret that I love most of the Smarty Ears apps. After all, the majority of their apps meet my “good app” criteria. There are a few that are my all-time tried and true favorites though.

It’s also no secret that many (most that I’ve talked to) SLPs absolutely dread working on /r/. They often wait until they can’t wait any longer (even though research shows that most kids develop /r/ WELL before 6)…



One of those “favorite” apps that I use all the time is R Intensive.

(here’s a link to the review)



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What makes a good app?

As many of you know, I have presented at various state conferences on using apps in therapy – and comparing or showcasing apps so people can see what they’re really like without laying out a wad of cash. Today’s post is about how I choose what makes a good app. What makes a good app for you may be different, but I hope the post would give you food for thought so you know what “good” is.   News Flash! contest Continue reading

SLPChat is Back!!

Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP:

I LOVE seeing that the #SLPChats are starting up again! I sincerely hope all of you are able to participate in some way. For those that don’t know, an #SLPChat is a twitter discussion where participants can talk about relevant SLP topics freely. There is some guided discussion, and it’s always a good source of information and thought provoking discussions. In the past, we have discussed Cycles, NSOME, AAC…many different topics.
I hope I see you there! Drop me a note here if you plan to participate! Until then…Adventure on!

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Would you believe it if we told you that it has been over 5 years that SLPs from different corners of the globe have been using Twitter to network and share their expertise? Furthermore would you believe that the steady daily buzz of thousands of #slpeeps sharing, questioning, interacting, researching on Twitter was at that time a slow trickle, from a handful (literally) of peeps (The term #slpeeps wasn’t coined until later in 2010) searching for ideas, and more importantly similar persons within the field. It must be hard to imagine with the current #slpeeps presence on Twitter, but it truly highlights how far we have come as we continue to make our mark on social media, and on the world.

Another familiar hashtag is about to turn 5 this year as well… guessed it #slpchat!! Although we have been dormant for a while (due to work and life…

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Vocabulary building with Adolescents

It’s a new calendar year…and for me, that typically generates a desire to review how therapy is going, figure out what needs tweaking and really reconsider if I need to change an approach. Of course, I do some of this all of the time, but for some reason that break between Christmas and the New Year really makes me question myself.

This year is no exception…and the two students I find myself cycling back to are older elementary/middle school and vocabulary is the root of the issue…Well, attention and comprehension are really the issue, but we’re tackling the vocabulary aspect of both of those. So, while I had time, I dusted off some research files and started reading…This one I read, really resonated with me and I decided I’d make it the first blog of the new year.

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Appy New Year! My 10 favorite apps for 2014!

I haven’t shared any app information for a while…so I thought I’d take advantage of this Linky Party that Yapp Guru is hosting and share with you my top 10 favorite apps for the year. When you get done reading here…go check out Yapp Guru for the other expert reviewers favorite apps…and, you know…while you’re there take a moment to register for a FREE membership. You won’t regret it… I promise. They have big things happening!


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