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I read a lot of different articles. Most are research based, peer-reviewed articles. Some are research based…sort of, but not peer reviewed…some are just interesting.

I recently came across one regarding critical thinking…and it caused me to … you know…THINK

…critically. Actually, if I’m honest…

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How does your articulation assessment measure up?

It’s hard to believe it’s March…and time for Research Tuesday (again!). I remember being in grad school (or maybe undergrad) and doing a group project on articulation assessments. We were split into groups (or we split ourselves into groups, I don’t remember), and we were required to study an assigned articulation assessment, determine validity, specificity, etc… and critique the administration, picture stimuli, results, etc. It was an interesting assignment. I remember making the power point for it, and I remember talking with the Dean of the department and telling him I wanted to update the test we had (it was horribly out of date), and he said that’d be a great thesis or dissertation project. LOL. Too bad, I can’t remember the name of the test now (I could go look it up, but it’d take too much energy.)

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Have you Yapp Guru’d?

Also known as Yapp Guru and the March Madness!

Back in September 2014, I wrote a blog post regarding Yapp Guru. You can view it here.

Since then…Yapp Guru has been emerging even more on the horizon of all things speech-language pathology and special needs related.  Still not convinced?

Yapp Guru Expert Reviewer

Yapp Guru Expert Reviewer

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Adventures in Advocacy

Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP:

I think it’s time to brush off these cobwebs. I’m considering presenting on the continued need for SLPs to advocate for their students and their sanity.

Originally posted on Speech Adventures:

Advocacy…Advocacy…who has the Advocacy…

Also known as 7 Habits of the Burnt-Out SLP

Alternately known as 10 Ways to Dump an SLP …

paperwork  Affectionately known as Who has a Life? I have Reports to Write…

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Adventures with LessonPix

Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP:

Periodically it’s time to revisit an old friend. Lessonpix is even COOLER now. It has a sharing feature, it has scales (like loudness scales or crisis scales), it has a perpetual tray… I mean, seriously, what are you waiting for. Check them out!

Originally posted on Speech Adventures:

How do you create your visual schedules? Homework sheets? Bingo cards? Ever have that moment where you want to make a visual schedule in the SPED room only to realize you left the CD in your speech room? Yeah… me too. 

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An Intense App to work on R

It’s no secret that I love most of the Smarty Ears apps. After all, the majority of their apps meet my “good app” criteria. There are a few that are my all-time tried and true favorites though.

It’s also no secret that many (most that I’ve talked to) SLPs absolutely dread working on /r/. They often wait until they can’t wait any longer (even though research shows that most kids develop /r/ WELL before 6)…



One of those “favorite” apps that I use all the time is R Intensive.

(here’s a link to the review)



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