Articulation norms…Or are they?

There’s a fine art to biting your tongue and walking away and diplomacy is a worthy skill to acquire and hone. Recognizing that we all have differences, is another skill that is fabulous to have. However, sometimes, it’s necessary to find a way to correct a wrong, particularly when it’s a common wrong. (Are you confused yet? Bear with me…please?)

This post has been a while in coming…and I’m fairly sure it will exasperate some and anger others. I sincerely hope that most of you will find it enlightening rather than annoying. I have bit my tongue and walked away from the computer screen a lot lately…now I’m attempting to correct a wrong. Continue reading

Frustrations, Fights, and Futility

Every so often, on social media, there’s a resurgence of “old” discussions: caseload vs workload, pseudoscience vs science, baseball vs football (okay, not really or if it is I don’t listen). Usually these resurgences are pretty regular, every 5-6 months or so on twitter and every couple of weeks on Facebook.

A couple of months ago, I created an online survey to ask SLPs about their workload manageability and what they’ve done to alleviate the situation (if it was negative). The results…astounded me…

and saddened me…

and, to be honest, disheartened me. The results are below:

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Common Core Controversy

It’s no secret that many of the states are going to Common Core State Standards. It’s also no secret that many (many many) people are adamantly against them. Apparently some states adopted them and then changed their mind and backed out. Who knows, maybe many more will too and CCSS will be a thing of the past.

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Adventures with Zero-to-Hero – day 3

Also known as I’ve already done that let’s move on…wait..I should do what?

Today’s assignment for the Zero-to-Hero challenge was to write that first post that inspired us to blog in the first place… uhm..yeah. Either I’ve already done that or I’ve forgotten what it was. Thankfully, the wise people at understand blogging (and bloggers) and accounted for those of us that are a bit late to the game (or early depending on your view). They also suggested making a list of what we want to blog about…and other stuff.

Although I can’t think of what my original blog post plan was (I’m going on the assumption I already posted it), the assignment made me think about what I should be blogging about. I realized it’s easy for me to blog when I have a strong opinion about something…but the rest of the time, I’m still sort of amazed that anyone would want to read what I type. This post helped me get beyond my insecurities about blogging by reminding me why I chose to do it in the first place.

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Adventures with Zero-to-Hero

One of the things that I’ve been really considering lately is my blog. What can I do differently with it…should I play with the design….am I blogging about what’s important? You know…little things. New year…New Blog…You know how it goes.

While on twitter I stumbled across this tweet talking about how to re-invent (or invent) your blog and make it … more. So, because my life isn’t complicated enough…and I’m a glutton for punishment…and I’m really really hoping to make a blog that’s worth the time you take to read it – I decided to join the challenge.  If you are a WordPress blogger, I challenge you to do it as well (because then I won’t feel like an idiot!).

So…the first challenge is….((drum roll please)) Continue reading

Adventures with A Call For Action

There comes a time when we simply have to say enough is enough. There’s also a time when we have to look deep within ourselves and determine are we a part of the problem – or are we a part of the solution. At the risk of sounding rude, if you are not actively…ACTIVELY…a part of the solution, then you are, by default a part of the problem.

Hmmm…Did I lose a few readers there? I hope not. If you’re still reading…thank you! I promise, I’m not judging 🙂   Continue reading

Adventures with … donations and birthdays

We all get those fliers in the mail…you know the ones, donate here…donate there. For the most part, I ignore them. Don’t get me wrong, I have my select few charities I donate to…and I donate to the scholarship funds at my university…and I donate to the organizations at school. But I don’t donate to every group that comes begging. I like to know where my money is going and is it truly going for good things. I’m also trying to instill a sense of giving in my daughter. After all, wee may not have a lot, but we are very grateful for what we do have, and we always have something we can give, even if it’s time.

This year, my alma mater (Minot State University) is celebrating it’s centennial. In honor of that momentous occasion, the communication disorders program has put forth the effort to garner the donations to fund 100 cleft-lip-palate repairs through operation smile. The details are here: MSU – Communication Disorders161_ex01

Now, I know full well that this is an expensive season…we have conventions, ASHA dues, licensing, holidays, etc… and I’m not really even asking you to donate to my university…although if you want to I’d love to hear about it…(and you can do it here and even just $5-$10 adds up if enough people do it…)

But the purpose of this post is really to ask, since I know we’re all giving people, HOW do you donate during the year? Is it financial? Is it time? How do you teach your children (at home) and your clients to be giving? Have you done any community service events like my university is doing?

I can’t wait to hear. Drop me a note here.

Until then….Adventure on!